Bespoke Painted Cabinets for any Kitchen Range

Adding a dash of colour has an uplifting effect in any space, and adding colour into a kitchen is no different. That is why here at Multiwood, we are delighted to offer not only our stocked colours of painted kitchen cabinets, but also a vibrant and extensive bespoke colour palette, perfect for adding a more personal touch to a bespoke painted kitchen.

Not only do we have our palette of 28 bespoke matt finishes, but in addition to this, we are also able to offer a free RAL colour matching service, enabling us to paint bespoke kitchen doors in virtually any colour imaginable.

Transform any of our kitchen ranges with stunning bespoke kitchen doors by taking advantage of our paint to order service. In just 20 working days, we’ll have bespoke painted kitchen cabinets ready with any one of our 28 bespoke matt finishes. Find out more.

We offer our bespoke paint to order service on any of our door ranges, ensuring that whatever kitchen your customers take a liking to, you, our independent retailers, are able to provide it to them with the bespoke painted kitchen cabinets they’ve always dreamt of.

Why opt for bespoke painted kitchen cabinets?

Colour has a funny effect on us, it has the ability to define how space is seen, from calming serenity to vibrant, bold colours which portray an almost dramatic sense. When we are referring to colours purely in a kitchen sense, selecting the right colour scheme can have an uplifting effect on the space, opening it up, making it feel lighter, and more spacious, while at the same time, darker, bolder colours can create a much more atmospheric, standout space.

Aside from this, being able to offer your customers bespoke kitchen doors in any colour that they desire can only be a bonus for them, and for you. It enables you to provide them with a kitchen that is truly, individually theirs.

Combining painted kitchen cabinets with stunning handles

We are acutely aware of the importance of giving your customers choice and options in every aspect of their new kitchen, and having a choice of handles, whether that be style, finish or type, is just as important as giving them a choice of colour or kitchen style.

Once your customers have settled on a bespoke finish for their painted kitchen cabinets, then the next step is to be able to offer them a broad range of truly stunning kitchen cabinet handles, and luckily, we provide just that!

Our handles come in a range of gorgeous finishes and styles, meaning your customers will almost certainly be able to find a type, style and finish of handle to pair perfectly with their new bespoke painted kitchen cabinets. At Multiwood we stock a comprehensive range of kitchen cabinet handles that complement a broad range of our bespoke painted kitchen cabinets. Find out more.

Made to measure painted kitchen cabinets

If you are offering bespoke painted kitchen cabinets to your customers, why not go one further and also offer them a completely bespoke, made to measure kitchen. With a lead time of just 30 days from the point of customer confirmation, you can provide your customer with a completely bespoke, made to measure set of painted kitchen cabinets. Curved bespoke kitchen doors are not available at this time.

If you would like any further information regarding our range of bespoke painted kitchen cabinets, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact – Multiwood