Bespoke Paint Service

This is the journey your doors take during the 15 working day lead time. Where possible we will deliver your doors before the deadline but we will never skip any of these important stages to save time only to deliver substandard quality. This is why we are proud to maintain the best reputation in the industry for our bespoke paint service.


We stock 28 matt bespoke paint colours, to see these click the link below. A RAL colour matching service is available on matt and timber ranges painted in house at no extra charge. Colours can also be matched to well established paint compaines.


Primed doors are picked from the warehouse and complete jobs are schedued ready for spraying. Doors are initially sanded to provide a key for the paint to adhere. Timber doors are wire brushed to enhance the grain. These are then placed on racks and queued ready for spraying.

Spray Paint

Each of our qualified sprayers has a minimum of twenty years experience. The doors are expertly sprayed and dried in the ovens before turning and spraying the reverse side. Doors will go through this process until the doors are finished to a high standard.


Spray ovens house batches of doors during the drying process which takes a minimum of 4 hrs. This process is repeated after every coat of paint to ensure the paint is hard baked to a perfect finish. Doors are left on racks overnight to complete the drying process. Doors will never be sent out the same day the spray process has been completed to ensure paint is fully cured before packing.

Quality Check

Once the doors have been through the spray process at least twice, doors are inspected under natural lighting to check colour and quality of finishing before packing. Any doors that do not meet the high standards get re-entered into the spray process from preperation through to completion.


After rigorous quality checks, the doors are carefully padded, packed and paletised to minimise the risk of damage in transport. Smooth painted doors have an additional protective vynil wrap applied to the door fronts to assist in protecting the doors through the fitting stage. Where posible, bespoke painted jobs are delivered on our own fleet of vehicles to further prevent damage in transit.

The Results

Dove Grey
Warm Grey