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Dovetail Drawer Boxes – In-frame Cabinets

Solid oak drawer boxes featuring dovetail joints.

Below product codes are for in-frame drawer boxes and come with packers to mount runners. For standard drawer boxes see standard drawer boxes.

Drawer boxes are stocked in Oak, please allow 12 working days for walnut.



CodeApplicationHeightCab widthDepth
IFDD9030In-frame cabinets90300440
IFDD9040In-frame cabinets90400440
IFDD9045In-frame cabinets90450440
IFDD9050In-frame cabinets90500440
IFDD9060In-frame cabinets90600440
IFDD9080In-frame cabinets90800440
IFDD9090In-frame cabinets90900440
IFDD90100In-frame cabinets901000440
Pan Drawers
IFDD18050In-frame cabinets180500440
IFDD18060In-frame cabinets180600440
IFDD18080In-frame cabinets180800440
IFDD18090In-frame cabinets180900440
IFDD180100In-frame cabinets1801000440