We are a proud UK manufacturer of stunning kitchen doors and accessories.

We live by the mantra “kitchens that are individually yours” and we make this happen through our extensive range of manufactured products so you can design truly unique kitchens for your customers.

In 2020, we began to use in-house manufacturing facilities for our timber doors, which means you can have what you want, when you want in any size or colour, so your design is individually yours.

We also import stunning kitchen doors from Italy, a country synonymous with luxury and quality and we know that beautiful, robust and durable products are important when you want to create stand-out kitchens that are as individual as your customers and even more important for keeping them happy and increasing sales.

We put heart and soul into everything we do and the people behind Multiwood are passionate about every product they create.

Jason brews – Manufacturing Machinery Operator:

“When it comes to individuality, a great kitchen can only be individual if it’s customised to your needs.”

We call Jason our Head of Creation and whether it’s offering a made to measure service, cutting down products to size or painting a piece just for you, he will ensure your design is individually yours.

Gaz Fitton – Spray Shop Manager/Quality Control:

“A truly great kitchen looks beautiful day in and day out.”

Our Finisher Extraordinaire Gaz makes sure our doors shine, because we don’t cut back on the finishing process and we want your kitchen to look as good today as the day it was installed. Our products are designed to last and our doors feel right because they are ergonomically right thanks to hidden dowels – they feel smoother, they open more easily and they last longer.

Gareth Barnett – Warehouse Operative/Quality Control for Imported Goods:

“We have the flexibility to give you what you want, where and when you need it.”

Gareth is our Head of Flexibility because he knows the importance of getting a kitchen just right and whether that means ordering items from stock, using our made-to-measure service to cut a door to the right size or painting a door in a shade that your customers have dreamt of, we strive to find the solution that works for you. We have a huge product offering – so whatever your customer has in mind for their kitchen, you can design the perfect space for them.

Luxury is our speciality

We believe in only producing the finest products, which is why our manufactured range is supported by a selection of some of the finest doors imported from Italy, a country synonymous with luxury, design excellence and quality. This means when it comes to designing a kitchen that stands out from the crowd, the products your customers choose not only look and feel unbelievable, but you can be assured that they are getting the very best quality.


We deliver excellence down to the last detail

Our doors shine because we don’t cut back on the finishing process and we know your customers want to see a difference and feel a difference. We make sure all of our products are ergonomically right to give them smoothness and functionality, so every time your customer opens their kitchen door, they know the quality and passion that went into its creation.


We’re always one step ahead

From unusual finishes and textures, to colours you have never seen before, we strive to always be one step ahead and believe in never staying still when it comes to giving our customers fantastic choices. If we can always make our products look better, feel better and last longer, you can trust that we’ll make it happen.

We want to be individually yours – Let’s work together.

Let us see how we can help you. Get in touch with our dedicated customer support team today!

Sales & general enquiries: 0161 767 9044  Sales email: sales@multiwood.co.uk


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